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Today: Buoyancy workshop and artificial respiration

Day Ten

As announced yesterday, there are workshops scheduled today. The first one concerns hovering perfectly in mid-water. Afterwards the participants will practice more exercises from the Rescue Diver course. The instructor trainers decided not to assign any mistakes today.

Perfect buoyancy

After the descent, Jane demonstrates the so-called fin pivot and is practicing the skill with her students. To start the student lies on the bottom and adds air to their BCD in order to achieve neutral buoyancy.

When neutral the diver rises by breathing in. Breathing out has the opposite effect. It is important that the fin tips keep in contact with the ground. At the same time the body must not touch the sand. This skill is useful to show inexperienced divers how they can correct small depth changes with their lungs.

buoyancy trainingAfter working on fin pivots the candidates practice hovering in mid-water. The goal is to achieve neutral buoyancy and maintain a consistent depth. This skill offers the feeling of weightlessness. It all works out very well because our candidates are experienced divers. Hugo, Rashad and Alvaro show perfect underwater Buddha positions. The other participants hover perfectly as well.buoyancy training

neutral buoyancy

Hendrik tells us that reality is a different story. Inexperienced divers need to practice until the buoyancy is perfect.

Artificial respiration

Back on the surface Nancy demonstrates how to use a pocket mask correctly. In case of an emergency it is easier to give rescue breaths to a non-breathing diver on the surface with this kind of mask. It also protects against water in the airway. All the candidates must practice with and without the pocket mask.

rescue training

However the participants only simulate mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by blowing on the cheek of the victim. This seems to tickle as the unconscious divers always giggle. During the rescue breaths the rescuers have to remove both victim’s scuba unit and their own. Simultaneously, the rescue breaths must follow a consistent rhythm. The exercise starts with the correct approach towards an unresponsive diver and ends with the safe transport on to the beach.

rescue training pocket mask

More presentations

After this little morning refreshment everybody heads back to the classroom. The candidates will hold more presentations in the afternoon. Everything is looking good and the instructor trainers seem to be satisfied. In this section they do not expect any problems in the final exam.

The next day is officially not part of the IDC. However Nancy and her team will use this day to teach the nitrox instructor course. In addition some of the candidates must repeat the physics exam. Six out of ten candidates failed this test four days ago. But the physics exam is part of the IDC and whoever fails it will not be allowed to take part in the IE. Nancy will also make recommendations on who should continue to the IE and for whom it would be better to do another IDC.

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Course Director: Nancy Abd El Wahab

Dive centre: Sinai Divers Dahab


Published on: 09/29/2009

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