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Today: Underwater chaos and private lessons

Day 7

Sigrid took the poor physics exam results to heart. Her nerves are on edge. She is thinking about leaving the IDC. "Today is my last day," she says to the course leaders before the class is starting. She fears not passing the theoretical examinations. We hope this feeling passes and Sigrid stays until the end.

horror student nancyToday’s open water exercises will be particularly exciting. Nancy − the nightmare of every dive instructor − will be one of the students. She wants to give the candidates an extra challenge. The instructor candidates are not aware of this pending test.

Horror student

Here we go. First Hendrik demonstrates how to remove and replace the scuba unit under water. Afterwards he wants to practice this skill with Nancy. She seems to be highly motivated and signals him an OK with overstretched arms. Nancy wants to get started right away. She is not, however, well balanced and is flailing with her arms as she begins to open the first buckle on her BCD. Then she reaches for the next buckle − ooops! that was the weight belt that is falling straight to the ground. Nancy immediately starts to go to the surface. Hendrik has the difficult job of getting a struggling student back to the bottom and into her weight belt. The IDC candidates watch spellbound by the wild activity in front of them. But Hendrik has the situation under control and asks Nancy to repeat the exercise without touching her weight belt. This time even Nancy can do the skill correctly.

horror student Nancy and Hendrik

Giovanna’s task today is the horizontal CESA. She is demonstrating the skill first and wants to start practicing with the students afterwards. Of course, Nancy wants to try her luck first and is sinking on her knees in front of the Italian candidate. This time there is something wrong with her buoyancy and so Nancy constantly wags her arms to keep balance. Giovanna is signalling her student to deflate the BCD in order to become more negatively buoyant. Nancy immediately grabs her low pressure inflator hose but unfortunately she is pressing the wrong button and puts a lot of air into her BCD. Nancy starts to ascend quite quickly. Giovanna has to catch her student before she can continue with the skill.

No fins

With Giovanna’s help Nancy is now more stable under water and understands what she did wrong. Now they can repeat the skill. With her left hand on the inflator hose Nancy moves along the marker line. But hold on a second! We can see that our chaotic student has only one fin! A short while after she loses her second fin too. Giovanna does not notice it as she is concentrating on Nancy not holding her breath and exhaling with a constant “aaah” sound. By the time Nancy returns back to the group Giovanna recognizes what was happening. Quickly she sends her assistant Peter to search for the missing fins.

horror student Nancy and Giovanna
Alvaro from Yasser’s group also has to deal with Nancy. Again she has a lot of problems including the proper use of the inflator − and she loses her fins again. After that − oh dear − she wants to learn from Rashad how to hover correctly in mid-water. The instructor candidate from Egypt demonstrates the exercise skilfully. Now it is the turn of the zealous Nancy. She is sitting in front of Rashad and wants to try hovering. With enthusiasm she pushes the inflator button − air shoots in her BCD and Nancy zips upward. Quick-witted Rashad is able to stop her from ascending. He lets the air out of her BCD and pulls her back down. After he explains with signals what Nancy was doing wrong she has to repeat the skill. This time she can do it without any mistakes.

Weight belt trouble

Oooops - weight belt goneHugo also has the talented Nancy as a student on this turbulent morning. While trying to remove and replace the weight belt on the surface Nancy is not holding on to it. Of course it drops down and Hugo has no other choice to dive down and get it back. horror student Nancy and RashadLater, while washing their stuff at the rinse pool some candidates smile about the very talented diving student of today. They admit that they did not expect Nancy’s manoeuvres. Ramy offers to do a little refresher with Nancy for free after he the IDC is finished.

Nancy states that extreme situations like today almost never happen. She promises that something like this will also not happen in the final exam. The lesson of today is that the instructor candidates need to stop concentrating only on one part of their students. They have to learn to control the student completely. Rashad did an especially good job today. The IDC staff instructors are giving him the best grades for everything − a five. One reason for this mark was that he constantly had full control over chaotic Nancy.

Private lessons

Because of the results of yesterday’s physics exam there is extra lesson this afternoon. Nancy also shows how Prescriptive Teaching works. This type of teaching is used when a specific quiz or exam question is not fully understood. First Nancy holds a sample presentation and after that it is the turn of the participants. Later on Nancy addresses the schedule of the IE.Nancy: Prescriptive TeachingAt the end of the day the instructor trainers are talking to Sigrid − a little emergency meeting. Nancy and her team want to encourage her not to leave the IDC at this stage. We wish them all the best and hope that they are able to convince Sigrid to stay.

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Course Director: Nancy Abd El Wahab

Dive centre: Sinai Divers Dahab


Published on: 09/26/2009

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