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Due to new technology diving head first should be no problem at all

SUBAPRO Fusion drysuitThe new drysuit from SCUBAPRO has according to their own statement is a new, unique technology. The diver will feel like in a wetsuit and is even diving head first should be easily possible with the new suit. With the newly developed, patented technology of the Fusion DryCORE SCUBAPRO wants to revolutionize the world of drysuits. The system is composed of two elements:

The inner layer of the suit is made of extremely robust, durable and flexible 200 D Bilaminat material that forms with the nylon socks the actual water barrier. Latex seals, zips and the valves are integrated there.

The outer layer is made from a 1-mm stretch neoprene that is connected to the wrists and ankles, as well as on the zip of the inner layer. This outer layer compresses the air and ensures a stable position, streamlining and freedom of movement. These properties are especially good when diving wrecks or in current. Because of the uniform distribution of air inside the suit it provides a high thermal comfort and diving head first is easily possible. According to SCUBAPRO the Fusion almost feels like a wetsuit.

The Fusion is suitable for all waters. It is also possible to dive the suit with or without wearing something underneath. A low weight and small pack size make it perfect for travel. In addition, divers will need an average of 10 percent less weights.

The product features:

  • Fusion Dry Core technology, Hybrid Techskin (inner laver 200D bilaminate, outer Layer 1mm Neoprene)
  • Neoprene mix between Super stretch and std neoprene to ensure maximum flexibility and durability
  • Outside Neoprene Shell compresses the Air to keep it stabilized no matter in which position
  • Nylon Socks for Rockboots, or Neoprene boots attachment
  • Warm Neck minimizes Water entry in the Hood and keeps the Neck warm
  • Tough Coat Knees for abrasion resistance
  • Double Cuff at wrists minimizes water entry and offers increased warmth
  • Heavy Duty Brass Zipper with protective outer Flap
  • Front Zipper for easy entry and self donning
  • Outer Skin is easily exchangeable via Velcro fasteners
  • New streamline pocket design, extra zipper to increase pocket size
  • Si Tech inlet and outlet Valve

The drysuit is available from December in the unisex sizes 2XS-4XL at authorized SCUBAPRO dealers for a suggested retail price of $ 1.399, - Euro.

Published on: 11/15/2009

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