Sinai Divers
This screenshot tour explains the most important parts

1. Register (join)
2. Creat a profile
3. Log your dives
4. Find Buddies
5. Stay in touch

If you want to use the complete Dive-Hive package as a diver please register - it's completely for free. All you have to do is clicking on "register" in the top right. On the next page you choose to "register as a user".

Now you can fill in the register form. Choose a username and a password. Please make sure that you will use a valid e-mail address and a secure password. Do not share your password with others and keep it in a safe place.

After you registered successfully we will send you an activation code via e-mail. If you cannot find any e-mail please check your spam folder as well. Our message might end up there treated as a false positive.

As soon as you do have the activation code you are able to login. Of course for this you need the chosen e-mail address as the username and your password.

The next step will be to enter the activation code that we have sent via e-mail to you.

After putting the correct code in you have finished the registration. Well done and congatulations!


First step done? Let's follow up. After you have successfully registered you are able to create your own divers profile. In the top right you should see "my dive-hive". Click on it and afterwards on "edit my profile". With the form that just opened you can describe yourself. It's completely up to you what you want to put in. There are no mandatory fields.

If you want to use a photo or other image please make sure to follow our rules. Otherwise we cannot upload the file. Pictures mustn't be smaller than 285x285 pixel, data sizes up to a maximum of 1 MByte are accepted. You can use JPG/JPEG and PNG format. Please make sure the you do have all needed rights to use the picture you want to upload.

At the bottom of this form you can choose if you want to have a public profile and share your information with others or not.

Great! Your profile could look (more or less) like this - just much better with your own picture and text.

You will find this layout of your profile if you click on "my dive-hive" - "my profile". In case you want to change some information switch back any time to "my dive-hive" - "edit my profile".


Ok, next one. You can log your first dive online! In the main navigation you will find "Logbooks". Click on it and in the subnavigation you will see the link "new entry". Here you can add data to your online logbook. The first few fields are mandatory. The second part is additional. You can put in more information but you don't have to.

The rules for uploading pictures are similar to the profile - that you already know. Logbook pictures have to be at least 300 x 300 pixels and the maximum size for pictures is 1 MByte as well. Like for the profil pictures you can use JPG/JPEG and PNG files.

There a quite a lot of fields to describe your dive - and to save so contact datas of your dive centre, dive instructor and Buddy. It will be nice to remember this later! A logged dive could look like this:

If you want to share your logbook with other people click on "my dive-hive" then "main settings". On the very top you can choose to publish your logbook or having a private one.

You will see that the public view of the logbook does not show all the data you put in. This is not an error. We do this to protect your privacy. In the private view you will always be able to see the whole information.

Now with a profile and a logbook you can start looking for buddies at Dive-Hive. To do this go to "logbooks" then choose "public profiles". Here you will find a table with only members of Dive-Hive that own a public profile. So if you don't find anybody specific this person might not have a public profile.

Once you opened the profile all you have to do is click on "invite buddy" in the top left. A window opens and you can send a short message in addition.

If the diver you invited as a buddy accepts - he will be automatically added to your buddy list. The list of your buddies you will find clicking "my dive-hive" - "my buddies".

You will see it's very easy to communicate with your friends as there is more than one way to write messages.

1. In your buddy list you will find the button "send message" next to your buddy.

2. You also can use the message field at the bottom of your Buddy's public profile.

3. Or use your own message centre: "my dive-hive" - "messages"

Now you are fully prepared for a good start with Have fun and enjoy your time on our website! Don't hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions. The best way to do this is using our contact form.

Your Dive-Hive team

Published on: 08/22/2009

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