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Today: Last chance to improve confined skills and chaos at the rescue scenarios

Day 9

As announced yesterday, today’s focus will be exercises from the Rescue Diver course. The participants had to work out their assigned skills themselves in order to train the candidates to work independently. Today is the last chance to practice in confined water before the IE.

After the usual briefing the day starts with the scheduled confined water skills. These run smoothly. However we see that since it’s only a few days before the final exam the participants are noticeably more nervous.

Lucy & Giovanna: Rescue TrainingRescue Training

It is Lucy’s turn. She has to demonstrate how to bring an unconscious diver safely to the surface. But everything goes wrong. Hendrik steps in and demonstrates the skill very slowly. But today Lucy is not able to repeat the exercise accurately.

It is a different situation during surface skills from the Rescue Diver course. The participants don’t get a demonstration from the instructor trainers since the candidates need to learn to work out the skills using the instructor manual. Again we watch the role playing game. Under supervision of instructor Alvaro Rashad has to approach a distressed diver (Ramy) on the surface. But calming words do not have any affect. However, ignoring Rashad's instructions Ramy tries to hold on to his rescuer.But calming words do not have any affect. Ignoring Rashad’s instructions Ramy tries to hold on to his rescuer. In order to avoid putting two people in danger Rashad evades Ramy with a fast movement backwards. n the beginning this technique isn’t particularly effective. Rashad repeatedly comes too close to the distressed diver. Alvaro explaines to his student Rashad that he must not make the mistake to come too close to the diver in panic. After doing the skill a few more times it works. Also Hendriks group has to repeat the exercise several times, then the staff instructors demonstrates it once again. Nancy and her team warn the group that something like this may occur in the final exam.Ramy & Rashad: performing a rescue skill“You have to read the instructor manual carefully,” Nancy says on the surface. “There you will find an accurate description on how the exercise must be performed. Stick to this and do not do anything more or less. Otherwise you risk failing in the IE", Nancy adds a bit worried.


The next exercise is to egress an unconscious diver out of the water. Hendrik is acts as a student and immediately begins to make mistakes. Peter, the instructor, has to react quickly as Hendrik pushes Giovanna, who is floating on the surface, under water. Hendrik should also not drop his victim on the beach from half a metre of height, says Peter. Peter, Hendrik & Giovanna: Rescue TrainingGiovanna is a little bit puzzled as she is landing somewhat roughly on her bottom. “You did not tell me not to do this,” Hendrik plays the fool. “It is really important that you explain every single detail to your students later on otherwise something like this will happen,” he adds.

Two day ago Leeann was spared from Nancy the nightmare student. But today she has to practice with a chaotic student, which is Yasser. Her skill is buddy breathing while swimming.Yasser & Ramy: what a horror for LeeannFirst Yasser willingly wants to share his regulator with Ramy, but both seem to forget to hold on to each other while performing the skill. Then it is Yasser's turn again and he simply starts swimming with the regulator in his mouth, leaving Ramy behind without air. But Leeann catches him and explains what went wrong. In the repitition of the exercise Yasser always takes four breaths instead of two, which would be correct until he shares his air surce again. Leeanne has to step in here as well. After several attempts it finally works.

Spanish Dancers

After her buddy breathing session with Yasser, Leeann also has to demonstrate how to egress an unconscious diver. Her presentation was perfect but the students are giving her a hard time. Alvaro and Hugo are simply not able to get the correct positions. Left arm? No arm? Arm right? Right above it or maybe arms underneath? The performance does look more like a medieval dance than a rescue exercise.Hugo & Alvaro: in dancing moodeeann throws her hands up in horror and explains over and over again how to perform the skill correctly. Finally the two Spanish guys do the skill as they were told. The other participants are noticeably amused.


Later that day we are told that the instructor trainers are pleased with the performance of their candidates. “The theoretical examination is always a tricky part. Some of the participants simply do not read the questions carefully enough and fail because of careless mistakes,” Yasser warns.

“Lucy makes us a little bit worried,” Hendrik says. She is feeling pretty down after today’s performance and sitting unhappily in the classroom. “She is a good diver but we suspect that her divemaster training was not optimal. Many things that she should already know do not seem to have been trained quite properly. Furthermore Lucy is often too hectic under water. As soon as she makes a small mistake she gets even more nervous and the problems accumulate quickly to a big one. She is able to pass the IE but she has to get a grip on herself.”

Tomorrow there will be a workshop with hovering exercises (Peak Performance Buoyancy). To hover perfectly in mid-water is the goal of every diver, the feeling of the absence of gravity. We look forward to what kind of humourous and challenging mistakes the instructor trainers will assign tomorrow.

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Course Director: Nancy Abd El Wahab

Dive centre: Sinai Divers Dahab


Published on: 09/28/2009

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