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The NHeO right out of the box is ready for Open Circuit Air and Nitrox Diving

The new NHeO dive computer is designed to provide an extremely streamlined, user-friendly interface of any mixed gas computer. According to the manufacturer the faster, more intuitive, screen navigation process and gas selection system make programming simple.

VR NHeO Dive ComputerThe computer does what you need it to do, and is full of features: The NHeO right out of the box is ready for Open Circuit Air and Nitrox Diving. It allows to program in up to 4 gasses.

Trimix divers just enter a PIN and the NHeO is instantly transformed into a full Air/Nitrox/Trimix computer.

The multi-profile, multi-gas algorithm has full decompression look-ahead and reliability. You can also switch or add gasses underwater at any time and the NHeO calculates your new profile. The combinations are unlimited. You can also upgrade from Single Colour to Multi Colour.

If you are diving with a Closed Circuit Rebreather, then coming soon will be a CCR pin option. This gives divers the choice of running their decompression based on a constant PPO2 (partial pressure of oxygen) .

Other features include: Gauge mode as standard, user changeable (AA) battery, optimised screen visibility via a backlit screen and a PC link option (factory upgrade).

More detailed product information and sccreenshots can be found on the VR homepage.


Published on: 10/29/2009

Tags: equipmentdive computertrimixvr technologytech diving

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