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Bahamas set to ban catch and sale of sea turtles

Previously, the Bahamian government permitted harvesting of all species of sea turtles except the hawksbill. ... more >


Video: sea turtle hatchlings on their way from the beach to the sea

The first "steps" filmed in Carolina Beach ... more >


Satellite-tracked Sea Turtle was rescued after a shark attack

She wasn't swimming well - she was limping ... more >


Bamboo Shark born out of water

The fish was born out of water because its egg hatched in a diver's hands.  ... more >


Baby sea turtles rescued from storm "Bill"

SeaWorld Orlando takes care for baby turtles ... more >


Invisible fish warn the reef is at risk

Ichthyologist wonders where the gobies are at the Great Barrier Reef? ... more >


Moments like this: Freediver's exceptional encounter with a 15 metres humback whale

Cameraman Marco Queral had an extraordinary moment ... more >


Scientists surprised about massive whale shark sightings in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Something's going on - They have been packed in there like sardines ... more >


Right Whales: A new hope for the gentle giants

Record birth of 39 calves observed ... more >


World's largest leatherback turtle population identified in Gabon

An international team of scientists has found the world's largest population of nesting leatherback sea turtles. ... more >