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GHOST: New mask from SEEMANN

Little sister of the Devil and special edition ANGEL for women

Maske GHOSTSEEMANN is pleased to present the little sister of the almost legendary DEVIL. According to SEEMANN the new mask is specially designed for smaller faces.

The frameless mask has have a minimum of dead space and a unique perspective says the maker. The design is also exceptional. According to SEEMANN the mask adapts to the contours of the face so that it is hardly noticeable.

The GHOST is available in the colors Black, White and Clear. The black or white silicone prevents light reflections on the glass because there is no light coming in from the side. This will be especially handy when snorkeling. SEEMANN recommends the colour Clear specifically to photo models because the narrow frame is unremarkable.

maske angelThe GHOST is available as special edition ANGEL for women. The color is white with printed flower in ice-blue at the top sealing.

The GHOST and ANGEL are available from authorized dealers at a suggested retail price of 69,00 Euro. An extra mask strap as a reserve is included in the price. (jdo)