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Day 13 of the IDC: Looking for a dream job? Try being a dive instructor!

Today: Second part of the final exam (IE) and big party in the evening

As mentioned yesterday Ramy has to repeat the equipment exam. The first good news of the day is that he passed. Ramy is overjoyed and embraces all his colleagues. In particular, it seems he does not want to let go of Yasser. All his fellows are very happy for Ramy as well.

Ramy happy

Next on schedule is the confined water (conditions similar to a swimming pool) exam. The PADI examiners spend some time explaining the process and stressing certain points. Like yesterday little jokes help alleviate the nervous atmosphere. After this introduction the students gear up.

preparing equipment

Exam in confined area

In the confined area of Sinai Divers all the candidates demonstrate what they have learned during their IDC. This includes briefing and the debriefing as well as demonstrating their assigned skills. We watch the exam from the beach with the instructor trainers and keep our fingers crossed.

confined area

Peter is the first out of the water. Beaming he comes towards us. His wife is also here to support him today. She is very proud of her husband, the brand new instructor.

About half an hour later everybody is finished. All the candidates pass this part of the exam. Laughing and cheering they congratulate each other and many hugs are exchanged. Joy and relief are noticeable in the air.

Happy instructors

Giovanna got the highest grade (5) for her exercise. She does not know if she should be happy or even angrier regarding her bad luck the previous day.


After everybody cleans up the candidates receive their certificates in the pavilion of the Hilton. There are so many smiling faces around us! This elation is contagious. Only poor Giovanna looks a little down. Nancy takes care and comforts her.


Party and BBQ

In the evening everybody is meeting for a big BBQ on the beach. Even friends and family of the participants have come to congratulate the new instructors. All are in high spirits and celebrate the completion of the instructor training. Giovanna tells us that she will have the opportunity to repeat the botched open water exercise next month in Hurghada.

pool party

After a couple of beers there is a sudden mutiny. The candidates are of the opinion that Nancy has to take a bath again today. With the help of the IDC participants she ends up in the pool. However, she is not the only one. The game continues until everybody is soaking wet.

soaking wet

Nancy and her instructor trainers get a wonderful compliment this evening. If there would be something like an advanced IDC everybody would sign up immediately.

Final picture

Shortly after midnight the party is over. Now the tired candidates can finally rest after the stressful last two weeks. We also say goodbye to the cheerful crowd that has grown dear to us. The last thing we’d like to say is thank you very much for a really great time and once again CONGRATULATIONS!


Picture (from left to right): Giovanna, Nancy, Yasser, Hendrik, Alvaro, Hugo, Leeann, Rashad, Lucy, Jane, Sigrid, Peter, Ramy, Doug.

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Course Director: Nancy Abd El Wahab

Dive centre: Sinai Divers Dahab