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Holidays for your eyes: 20 amazing and free desktop wallpapers

Things for free always taste nicer

The so called freebies are the joy of any computer user. We collected 20 wonderfull desktop wallpapers for you. You know what's the best about these pictures? They are all free for personal use. The numbers behind the names is the maximum available resolution. The first picture top left is taken by ourselves and published under the "Creative Commons - Attribution - Non Commercial" license. Have fun looking at these amazing photos!

Coming Home   Water Drop (2560x1600)
Magnificent Turning (2560x1600)
  Roatan Beach - Perfect Day (3827x2492)
Peek-A-Boo (3676x2764)
  Palmenmeer (1920x1200)
The Dock (1920x1200)
  Enjoy (1680x1050)
Medusa3 (1600x1200)
  Blue Sunrise (2560x1600)
Crepuscule (2560x1600)
  Smooth Evening (2560x1600)
Great march (192x1200)
  Planet Moeraki (2650x1600)
Pacific City (2560x1600)
  Paradise Lost (1920x1200)
Lionfish (1920x1200)
  Longnose Hawkfish (1920x1200)
Taken in Mexico (1920x1200)
  Clown Fish (2560x1600)