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Blue: First issue of the official CDWS magazine

The Chamber of Diving and WaterSports published a PDF document with 48 pages

CDWS magazine BlueFor a while the CDWS (Chamber of Diving and WaterSports) is now in charge of diving in Egypt. Now they published a first issue of their official magazine "Blue".

In the news you can read for example that there is a massive protest going on against the plan to build a 105.000 squaremetres big power plant in the centre of the to tourists well known city of Nuweiba. The local divers and business people said that the more then 80 metres high monster will be devastating for the tourism.

Furthermore Blue is writing about Red Sea Research. The new company developed a modular research diving course designed to train volunteer divers to a level of competence in in research diving methodology, terminology and practises in biological, bathymertic and geographical surveying techniques, to the standards required by the marine environmental organizations conducting research within the Red Sea.

The CDWS uses the first issue of Blue also to highlight the shark fishing ban in Egypt. This became necessary after a cruel picture appeared at the social networking platform facebook showing staff of Sea Club Resort in Sharm El Sheikh spilling water over a dead body of a blacktip shark. The nasty picture is inside the magazine as well.

The journal also has an interview with wolrdrecord freediver Sara Campbell inside who is living at the moment in Dahab. The editors writing as well about the ongoing problems with plastic bags in the ocean and on the beach. Interesting for divers ist also the article about the myths of Nitrox. What fascinating life you can find in the Red Sea is of course inside Blue as well.

Dive-Hive wants to recommend warmly to any divers the blacklist of the CDWS. The Chamber of Diving and WaterSports keeps you there updated which dive centers are operating illegally in Egypt. This could have something to do with security issues for example. It doesn't hurt for sure to check the blacklist before you book your diving holidays to egypt.

The first issue of Blue you can read online or download it in PDF format. The document has a size of 8,9 MByte. (mmd/jdo)