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Roman history on the bottom of the ocean: for archaeological interested divers - Baiae / Bacoli

Where Caesar and Cicero spent their holidays

Napoli, Castel dell'UovoOn the northwestern edge of the Gulf of Naples lies Bacoli with the district of Baia. This is the successor of the ancient settlement "Baiae". Not far from Mount Vesuvius, on one of the most picturesque countrysides of the Roman empire, the high society of the empire spent their summer holidays. These includes such famous personalities as Julius Caesar or Cicero. Their villas were equipped with all sort of comfort that this age had to offer. Water heaters for a warm bath, fancy fountains, arcades with erotic wall paintings, elaborate gardens, graceful sculptures of Satyr and Venus.

This heyday of decadence has come to an end about 100 years after Christ. Nowadays Baiae is partly sunk into the sea due to volcanic activity. An archaeological reserve was established and visitors can eyeball the site from a boat or while diving. The dives are only about 6-8 meters deep. But apart from the ancient treasures divers will have the possibility to see the volcanic activity.

The dive centre Sea Point Baia offers excursions to the archaeological park. (jdo)