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BSAC dive club discovers a not detonated bomb from World War II

The divers found the explosive while surveying a local wreck

LCT / Landing Craft TankThe explosive is thought to be a German aerial bomb. Measurements resulted in a length of 120cm and a diametre of 30cm. The find has been reported to the bomb specialists of the Royal Navy.

Members of the Southsea Sub-Aqua club found the bomb while surveying the sunken ship. The wreck is most probably a LCT (Landing Craft Tank) that sunk on 6 July 1944. The Landing Craft Tanks usually brought troop, tanks and armored bulldozers to the Normandy.

It is believed that the LCT had to turn because of a damage to the engine, and capsized. Lying upside down water began to fill up the cargo ship. Now the wreck can be found in about 20 meters of depth, approximately 6.5 kilometers before Selsey Bill in West Sussex. Last year the club surveyed the area of approximately 13 kilometers far away from the coast. They discovered tanks and bulldozers lying at the bottom of the sea.

Project manager Alison Mayor said the finding of the bomb was a big surprise. Not knowing if the explosive is still dangerous they decided to consult the experts. (jdo)