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Lord of the rings? Diver finds his wedding ring after more than a year

A diver in New Zealand has found his wedding ring about 16 months after he lost it in Wellington harbour

Ecologist Aleki Taumoepeau was searching for invasive plants in the harbour when suddenly his ring slipt from his finger. According to divemagazine.co.uk he was only married for three month. He marked the spot with an anker and returned later on to search for the ring - without success.

More than a year later he tried his luck again. After about one hour in the water he was close to give up the search when he saw the ring only centimetres away from the anker. He said: "I couldn't believe I could see the ring so perfectly. I was thinking I won't see all of the ring, maybe just part of it, but the whole top surface of the ring was glowing." His friends gave him the nickname "The Lord of the Ring".