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How are you doing this knot again?

Forgot how to do the bowline or the Sheet Bend? Animated knots helps out

animated knotsAs a diver you will need to know how to do a proper knot once in a while. As you advance in your diving career you should learn a couple of knots anyway. Two of the most common knots for divers are the Bowline and the Sheet Bend.

But if you don't use them regularly you might forget how to do the knots - that's life. But no problem - the internet helps out. The website Animated Knots shows step by step how to do the knot you want to know about. For every step the website provides a picture. You can also watch an animation of the knots.

On Animated Knots you can learn about knots for boating, climbing, fishing, search and rescue and so on. So far there are 119 knots listed. (jdo)