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Today is the re-opening of the indoor dive centre Dive4Life in Siegburg near Cologne

It is currently the biggest facility of its kind in Europe

Today 28 August 2009 Dive4Life opens its doors again. According to them it is the largest indoor diving pool in Europe.

dive4life first impressions

The facility is 20 meters deep and has a diameter of 18 respectively 10 metres. Three million liters of fresh water are inside the pool. The diver-friendly water temperature is 26°C.

The owners said that the facility should combine the adventure of open water diving with the comfort and safety of a swimming pool. The trainers of the Dive4Life SSI Suba School offer courses from Discover Scuba Diver up to Dive Instructor. Plateaus at various depths and the replication of a sunken city on the ground shall attract beginners and advanced divers at the same time. A dive and a repair shop complete the facility. For guests who are planning to stay longer, is an in-house hotel available. More information as well as photos and videos can be found on the website of Dive4Life (german language only). (jdo)