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Mares: Urgent product recall for Nemo Air Quick Connector

Due to a quality issue on an O-ring there might be a continuos loss of breathing gas

Mares informs that they have discovered a quality issue on the O-ring assembled on the Nemo Air Quick Connector.

Under certain circumstances the O-ring can fail and consequently Nemo Air may start leaking through the Quick Connector. As a result, there is a continuous, albeit slow, loss of breathing gas. This situation could potentially lead to an accident, hence Mares has decided to issue a product recall. The solution already exists in the form of an O-ring of different material and hardness which can be retrofitted onto the Quick Connector of your current Nemo Air.

Please note that the event of an uncontrolled loss of breathing gas from the high pressure hose is regulated by the EN250 Norm, which requires a 0.3mm opening in the high pressure fitting. According to Mares the loss of breathing gas is very slow and a diver should always be able to complete a dive safely. Nonetheless for your personal safety and to avoid possible dangerous accidents Mares suggests: stop diving with a Quick Connector subject to this recall until the existing O-ring is removed and substituted with the new one.

Affected products and codes are:

Finished goods:

Spare parts:

According to mares users should contact the nearest authorized Mares service center to schedule the replacemnet of the O-ring in the affected Quick Connector. (jdo)