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World record attempt for the longest scuba dive in the Atlantic Ocean

Two brothers from Ireland want to raise money for charity

The two Irishmen Declan and Paul Devane will attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest scuba dive - 40 hours. The event will take place on 10-11 October in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The divers want to raise funds for the children's ward at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. Part of the money should also go to CDs Helping Hands. The project was started in memory of Declan's son Cillian, who died of a brain tumour in February 2009 aged two.

Homepage Worlds longest scuba diveThe divers are quite experienced but have never done something like this before. They will not be allowed to break the surface during the record attempt. An aggravating circumstance is the water temperature that will be expected between 13 and 15 degrees Celcius. So there is a big concern about Hypothermia. A special heated undersuit of O’Three under there dry suits should avoid this problem.

The supporting dive centre is Scuba West and 40 volunteers will be on the support crew. The majority of the dive will be on a special built platform in a depth of five metres. Paul and Declan will be breathing normal air from independent twin tanks. At the end of the dive the will switch to 100 percent oxygen on the advice of a hyperbaric specialist.

The brothers will use full-face masks so they can communicate with each other and the surface via the GSM G-POWER technology. For the entertainment under water the divers electronic games sealed in bags, underwater speakers and Rubik's cubes.

You can find out more and support the project on www.worldslongestscubadive.com. Good luck and warm thoughts! (jdo)