Sinai Divers
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Nickname: singh


Diving Level: VEST TL1, PADI MSDT, TDI Inspiration Rebreather Diver, IANTD Normoxic Trimix Diver


Logged Dives online: 200


Public Logbook: yes, here


Equipment: Lot's of stuff ... but I do like most: the Inspiration Vision Rebreather, th O3 dry suit, the Apeks regulator, the O3 wing and the 10 years old indestructible Mares fins



My Favorite Divespot: I did like Sipadan Malaysia very much. But Zanzibar, Philippines and the Red Sea are awesome too. Blue Hole and Canyon in Dahab are quite impressive.


About Me: Diving is more then fun - it's a life style!!! -- What is the difference between a dive instructor and god? God doesn't think he's a dive instructor ...