Sinai Divers

1. No violations of moral principles or illegal content


Racist, sexist, political or religious extremist, violent, discriminatory, or other irregular statements, threats and slander, as well as photos or videos that other people hurt are prohibited.


This also applies to pornographic or violent content and icons, nude pictures and pictures of victims of violent crime.


2. Always remain friendly and respectful


Respect means: no fake or duplicate profiles with different names, videos or photos of other people. Insults, verbal abuse, bullying / cyberbullying, and spam is not permitted. It is not permitted to upload photographs or videos that hurt or harm the personal right of other persons. Treat other divers as you would expect to be treated.


3. Harassment is prohibited


Cyberbullying is not a minor offense and will lead to a criminal complaint. Unfounded sqealing counts for us also as cyberbullying! Divers respect each other. Please accept, if another user is not responding to your messages or let's you know that she or he does not want to receive further messages.


4. No spam e-mails, no chain letters


The drafting of chain letters and the forwarding of such is not desirable. If you receive so-called chain e-mails from one of your friends please let them know not to forward messages like this. Mass e-mails with or without hidden advertising messages is also spam and absolutely forbidden.


5. Use your intelligence regarding you profile


Your profile on reflects a part of your personality it the internet. Think first, then upload images and data.

Choose a secure password and do not give it to other persons. Avoid to publish to sensitive data about yourself.

Only you are completely responsible for your account. The contempt of rules is your responsibility.


6. No copyright infringements (photos/videos/content)


International copyright is of course valid on as well. This means that you are only allowed to upload photos and videos that you have done yourself. If you want to publish pictures with other people in it ask for their permission first. Especially if these persons can be individually identified. This is particularly important when these individuals are not fully dressed (e.g. bikini pictures).

If you don't get this permission do not use the picture on Dive-Hive.comi because you hurt or harm the privacy of another person. If you violate this code of conduct and somebody complains the team will delete this picture without further inquiries.


7. Any photo has a copyright


All rights to the material that a user uploads to stay with this user. will make no claims of copyright.

For example: If you want to use a photo on your website (or similar) that another diver has uploaded to you have to ask the owner for permission.


8. No unannounced or secret advertising


Those who abuse their account for uploading graphics, logos or banners for the reason of commercial advertising will be deleted immediately.

If you want to place advertisements on then contact us through We will send you all necessary information. Radical, political or religious propaganda or advertisements are absolutely prohibited and will result in immediate cancellation of the account.


9. Use information only for private purposes


Any kind of information that you receive about other divers are exclusively for private use. Sharing or selling these informations to third parties is prohibited. Any further processing or use of the data without the permission of the affected diver is strictly forbidden.


10. You must not use for abuse


Data collection and hacking is strictly prohibited. Even the attempt to manipulate, modify, delete the profiles or logbooks of other users or any other abuse, will be reported to the authorities. Data abuse is a criminal offense. will immediately inform the police about such violations.


11. All users are equal - our rules apply to all Dive-Hive users


If you notice that someone does not follow these rules, then let us know immediately via our contact form. The sooner we know, the earlier we can react.


12. Our rules are obligatory


You have agreed to the General Terms of Use when registering on So follow the General Terms of Use as well.